Finally Working Ad Blocker For Android – Adaway App

Working Ad Blocker For Android - Adaway App (Last Updated On: August 6, 2018)

How to block ads on Android

Finally Working Ad Blocker For Android phone has been compiled and an app called Adaway do it. You must be tired of adverts ruining your browsing experience on Android.

Both standard adverts & pop-up adverts are not only intrusive on a mobile device, but they can do serious damage to your phone balance or data if you’re on a limited data plan. Downloading heavy web-pages takes enough data. When you browse through your PC you install ABP or ADP on you Chrome or Firefox browser and the best part about them is that they work perfectly and blocks all the ads on your device. But in case of mobile phones there are so many applications that claims to bloc ads on your phone but the poor part is that non of them work.

Working Ad Blocker For Android – Adaway App

“AdAway is not available on Google Play! It was removed by Google due to Violation of section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. Please install it from F-Droid.”

AdAway is a free and open-source ad-blocking application for the Android mobile operating system. AdAway blocks ads using hosts files from various locations, and combines them automatically. The user is able to whitelist or blacklist additional webservers, or add a new hosts file altogether. There is an option to log DNS requests to help whitelisting or blacklisting. AdAway requires root access because the hosts file is in the system partition.

AdAway helps to white- and blacklist domains and IPs, If you want to see any ads on any website, all you need is to whitelist that website.

How to use Adaway App

Download the ad blocker app, i.e. Adaway from here:
Adaway Apk

Watch this video tutorial and learn how you can block all the ads n your android device.

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