What is rooting in? Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting

Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting (Last Updated On: August 5, 2018)

What is rooting in?

What is rooting in? Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting: Simply, the term ‘root’ means inner or deep. Here we will discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of rooting. Thus rooting process in android means gaining deep access to the android system. It provides the user full access to the android functionalities. Rooting helps to perform several tasks related to the control mechanism of the device. In android it is called rooting but in IOS it is called a jailbreak. People often root their android device so that they can enjoy more and more deep features of their device.

What is rooting in? Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting
Rooting is important for developers as it provides access to android system and also helps to get useful information regarding OS, ROM, processor etc. When the android device is rooted, manufacturers(not all) void their warranty. After getting the root access in the device, one can customize every features of device, flash custom roms, hack wifi, games & applications and many more other cool stuffs.

Advantages of Rooting

1. System Control:-
The main benefit of rooting android is one can get the access to the administration of the device. One can get deep control over the programs/ applications running on android device. Rooting allows to get the extra details about the device if one is a developer or geek. After rooting, we can read and write the system files of the device. Also modify the system databases.

2. Remove bloatwares:-
System apps are often called bloatwares. After rooting android phone, bloatwares can be removed easily which help to free up the internal storage capacity.

3. Ad Blocking:-

After rooting android phone, the popup ads can be completely avoided. It means it can be completely blocked. There are many android apps that have the capability of blocking ads.

4. Get access to every apps and content:–

Rooting allows you to view content or download apps from Google Play that are not available on our country or not supported on device.

5. Device customization:
With the root permission, you can customize your android like its home screen, boot animation, notification bar, nav bar e.t.c. Gravity Box, one of the powerful customization app can do all these tasks./p>

6. Portable Hacking Device:
When you root your phone, you can install many hacking apps which can make your anddoid phone a portable hacking device.

Role of android root in Hacking

Basically, Hacking also refers to gaining unauthorized access to the system or manipulating the system. There is a great role of root if you want to start your hacking career through android phone.Basically, when you root your phone you can run many apps solely developed for the purpose od hacking. For example: you can hack wifi networks using Andro Dumper and wps wpa tester. Similarly, you can also modify the game values such as of coins. Paid apps can be purchased for free. Going deep, you can install Kali Linux (OS of hacker’s choice) in your android phone. Also you can remove app permissions and apply custom patches to the android app.

Disadvantages of Rooting

Upto now you have known only the good aspects of rooting. But there are many disadvantages of rooting as well. They are:
1. Void of warranty:
Once you root your root your android phone ,the warranty provided by manufacturer may be eliminated.

2. Harm device:
Root permission can harm your device if you do something random such as deleting important system app or modifying system databases. Moreover, root can crash your apps due to overload in your android system.

3. Low security:
Root attracts hackers. Hackers can inset harmful malware into your phone. There is the high risk of leakage of your private data such as credit card number, passwords e.t.c when you open email attachments or unauthorized sites.

4. Chance o virus:
Virus can easily affect your rooted device. It can slow down your phone, delete files or other other malicious activities.

5. Delay in sotware update:
When you root android phone, there may be chance that you cannot update software.

So this was the tutorial about What is rooting in? Advantage and Disadvantage of rooting. Hope you liked this.

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