|Solved| Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP (Last Updated On: June 3, 2019)

|Solved| Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

Let’s learn how to Repair Phone IMEI using PC and TWRP. The Invalid IMEI or IMEI error is the most common problem faced by most MediaTek devices like Xiaomi Redmi, Micromax, Intex, Huwaei, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, HTC, Sony, Lava, etc. The issue generally happens when you install a new custom ROM on your device or update your Android device software or manually modify the IMEI number.

This type of issue mostly occurs in Mediatek based Android smartphones. As a result, the device network is unrecognized by the SIM card and the SIM does not show any signals or network.

What is the solution?

This guide is for android MediaTek devices like mentioned above in the post. You need A Rooted Android Device To Flash zip and PC to create a zip file for your android.

This tutorial is helpful for those whose IMEI is gone after custom ROM installation and the phone doesn’t start up or go ahead after booting just because the phone needs network signal for activation. Until and unless there is no network the phone doesn’t go to the home-screen position where you can repair it.

There are other methods as well where you need to install Chamelephon or MTK Engineering Mode app via playstore. But what if your playstore is not working and Gapps is not supported until your phone acquires network. Or may be just because you don’t have wifi and you are fully dependent on your Android network.

Follow These Steps

Step 1:
Download these two zip files from this link:
Download IMEI Maker

For other versions check here: www.how2electronics.com

Download IMEI Repair

Step 2:
Extact the zip file IMEI maker to a new folder IMEI Maker
Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

Step 3:
Open the extracted folder and press shift + Right Mouse Click on windows area
Then Select “Open Command Window Here”
Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

Step 4:
So command window will appear now.
Without deleting anything write the following command for imei repairing.

imei.exe (first imei number) (2nd imei number)

For example if my imei 1 is 1234567890 and imei 2 is 0987654321 i will write
imei.exe 1234567890 0987654321

Then hit enter
Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

After this close the command window.

Step 5:
So you will see a new file is created with filename as MP0B_001_NEW
So rename this file as MP0B_001

Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

Step 6:
Now the IMEI Repair Zip file and copy the file MP0B_001 which you renamed earlier to the location Imei Repair.zip\data\nvram\md\NVRAM\NVD_IMEI\ as shown in the video tutorial below.

Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP

Step 7:
So finally your zip file is created and you are successful now. Copy this created or edited zip file IMEI Repair to your phone SD Card.
And install via TWRP OR CMW or any other recovery.
And then resatart the phone and congrats you have restored your phone IMEI.

Video Tutorial

If you didn’t understand the above steps please watch this video and learn How to Repair Phone IMEI iusing PC and TWRP.

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  1. followed instructions to the “t” . for some strange reason, there is a jrummy system mod zip installed . can you kindly explain. anyone else experiencing this. Im baffled

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