[MT6753] MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+ 64 Bit

MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+ (Last Updated On: August 9, 2018)


We are happy to present you MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+ with android Lollipop version of 5.0.2. The ROM is a clone of miuipro v9.5.1.0 and based on 64 Bit Processor. The ROM is still running on Lollipop kernel, i.e 3.10.65+ and all the major bugs have been fixed. This ROM is officially ported for Flare S4 By Yow Bushkie and can be ported to any device with chipset MT6753 & kernel 3.10.65+.

About MIUI 9:

MIUI (abbreviation of MI User Interface and pronounced as “Me You I”) is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers developed by Xiaomi. The firmware is based on Google’s Android operating system. MIUI includes various features such as theming support.

Xiaomi has just unveiled the latest version of its popular custom Android ROM, the MIUI 10, and it brings a ton of new features to the table. In MIUI 9, all elements are removed that could break the visual integrity of a full screen device. There’s no segmentation brought about by divisions and conflicting colors here, everything important is presented in the form of neat cards with rounded corners which rhyme with hardware elements.

In MIUI 9, we handle Recents in a completely new way. Optimized for 18:9 screens, Recents feel much more straightforward and intuitive now. In MIUI 9, you’ll probably spend zero seconds waiting for the app to load in most cases and go directly to the start page after tapping the icon without having to look at the loading progress bar. This works as fine with third party apps as it does with system apps.

ROM Information:

1. Rom Name : MIUI 9
2. Rom Version : v9.5.1.0
3. Rom Based : MIUI PRO
4. Rom OS Version : Android Lollipop 5.0.2
5. Rom Type : Deodex
6. SDK Version : 21
7. Status : Stable
8. Current Stable Version : Unofficial
9. Supported Language : Multi Language
10. Supported Recovery : Philz Touch, Twrp 3.1.1-0+
11. Stock OS Version : Android Lollipop 5.0.2
12. Chipset Required : MediaTek – MT6753
13. Kernel Required: Linux 3.10.65+ (Stock Kernel)
14. Bit Version : 64-bit
15. Firmware Required : Unlocked Bootloader

Features: MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+


➡ New UI
➡ New APP Detail UI
➡ New notification shade
➡ Extended notifications' functionality
➡ New recent apps screen
➡ Volume control
➡ Clock, Calendar and Notes
➡ Higher integration with XiaoAI
➡ Minor changes to the user interface
➡ Battery And Performance
➡ New Icons
➡ Deep-level System Optimizations
➡ Smart App Launcher
➡ Home Screen Assistant
➡ Added Improved Image Search
➡ Split Screen
➡ Simpler Home Screen Editing
➡ Smart Notifications Filter
➡ Improved Readability For The Start Page Of Messaging
➡ Revamped And Simplified 50+ Features
➡ Introducing MIUI Labs
➡ Image Search And Smart App Launcher 
➡ Turn The Filter For Notifications On And Off 

What is working ?

➡ Boots
➡ Dual SIM
➡ RIL (Calling/SMS/Data)
➡ Wifi
➡ Bluetooth
➡ Audio
➡ 2G-3G Network Switch
➡ Smooth
➡ Camera
➡ Sensors
➡ Flash
➡ Offline Charging
➡ Microphone
➡ Storage


➡ No


MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+

MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+

MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+

How To Port This ROM

To port this ROM to other MT6753 with same kernel 3.10.65+, follow this ROM porting guide.

How to Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset MT6735/MT6753/MT6737

Flashing Instructions

1. Copy the ROM in your SD Card as well as patch if available.
2. Reboot Into Recovery using Volume + Power Button.
3. Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data & System
4. Reboot into Recovery Again
5. Flash the ROM & Patch (if available).
6. Flash Gapps if necessary
7. Reboot the device & wait for few minutes
8. Enjoy the new ROM now on you device.

Credits & Download Link

ROM Credit
– Yow Bushkie (Porter Of This Rom)
– MiuiPro Dev
– Redmi Note 2
– Mt6795
– Knight Owls Porting Assassins
– Gusion Hairstylist Lang

Download Link
Dowload MiuiPro v9.5.1.0 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.10.65+

Gapps 5.0 Pico

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