How to Protect Adsense from Invalid Click Activity – AICP Plugin

How to Protect Adsense from Invalid Click Activity - AICP Plugin (Last Updated On: August 5, 2018)

How to Protect Adsense from Invalid Click Activity

Today we are going to guide you about about Adsense Invalid Click Protector. The question is How to Protect Adsense from Invalid Click Activity using AICP plugin in your blogs, websites and YouTube connected to Google Adsense.

When you are earning very well from your Google Adsense through Google Ads via website, blogs or YouTube, a situation comes when your Adsense account get temporarily suspended or permanently disabled. Because of this many blogger, youtuber and those who have website are demotivated for quitting their work. You even don’t know who has done this either he is your enemy or competitor or virus or any spam. It is even difficult to know the location from where the invalid click has been generated as google even keep this as a secret topic.

How to protect the Adsense account?

So many website specialist has made too many efforts to protect the website from such invalid click activities. Basically php and html websites are based on too many coding technique and are difficult to implement as well. One of such Indian student Saumya Majumdar worked hard for this as well. It took countless hour for him to design the code. Testing the efficiency and working in real world was main issue but anyhow with so much effort he designed the code.

If you are on the WordPress website then you can simply download the plugins from the install plugins option on the control panel of the website. And then few setting is to be done to make it work. So watch this video to know the required settings and how to use it.

Incase if you have designed your website with your own coding then you need to write some code in the your main page of php website. So given below is the code which you need to download and use in your php website. So download Adsense Invalid Click Protector the link below

Adsense Invalid Click Protector

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