How to install ADB/Fastboot drivers for Xiaomi Mi A1

ADB/Fastboot drivers for Xiaomi Mi A1 (Last Updated On: October 2, 2018)

Download ADB/Fastboot drivers for Xiaomi Mi A1:->

Below you can download the Official ADB/Fastboot drivers for Xiaomi Mi A1 Android smartphone. Download the required version for your operation.

[GUIDE] Installing ADB/Fastboot drivers for Xiaomi Mi A1:->

Method 1:->

  1. Unzip downloaded ADB/Fastboot drivers drivers to any folder .
  2. Turn off your Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone.
  3. Now boot your device in Bootloader/Fastboot mode by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  4. Connect your phone to PC.
  5. Open  Device manager.
  6. You should see Android or Xiaomi Mi A1 device with yellow exclamation point. Right  click on it and select Update drivers.
  7. Now Click Search for drivers on this PC. Enable Include subfolders when searching.
  8. Click Browse and find the usb_drivers folder in unpacked Tools folder.
  9. Click Next and wait until drivers are installed.

Method 2:->

Use this method if you can’t install drivers from above method. Follow Step 1 to Step 6 as previous.

  1. Click Search for drivers on this PC > Select previously installed drivers > Show all devices > Install from disk > Click Browse > go to Tools folder > usb_drivers and open android_winusb.inf > Click OK .
  2. Now  the important thing is that  You’ll need to uncheck against Only supported devices, then you will see three options:
    • Android ADB Interface
    • Android Bootloader Interface
    • Android Composite ADB Interface
  3. Select the correct mode, which you’re currently using the proceed with installation.
  4. That’s it!! Drivers are now installed and ready to use.

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