[MT6753] FlymeOS 7 for MT6753 Kernel 3.18.19 x64 MM 6.0.1

FlymeOS 7 for MT6753 Kernel 3.18.19 (Last Updated On: December 17, 2018)


We are happy to present you FlymeOS 7 for MT6753 Kernel 3.18.19 with android Nougat Marshmallow version 6.0.1. The ROM is running on stock Marshmallow kernel, i.e 3.18.19 and all the major bugs have been fixed. The ROM is based on 64 Bit Processor. The ROM can ported to any other device with chipset MT6753 & Kerenel 3.18.19 using our porting guide given below.

What is Flyme OS:

Flyme is a stock and aftermarket firmware developed by Meizu for smartphones based on the Android operating system. Some of its key features are completely redesigned apps, one-handed usability and performance optimizations. The current version of Flyme features distinguished flat design, various optimizations for performance. Flyme also has a feature called mBack, which is specific for Meizu smartphones. It allows easier navigation using only one physical button without on-screen navigation buttons. The back button function is implemented by tapping the physical button, while the home button function is used by pressing the physical button. The overview of recent application, which is on regular Android devices usually triggered by touching or tapping a dedicated button, can be viewed by swiping upwards from beneath the display.

The latest version of Flyme is Flyme 6.1.3 based on Android Nougat, which is now available only for Meizu Pro 7. Flyme 6.1.0 is the most popular Flyme 6 version available for Meizu Pro 6 Plus, M3 Max, MX6 and other devices.

ROM Information:

1. Rom Name : FlymeOS 7
2. Rom Version : V7.8.6.26
3. Rom Based : Meizu Official Firmware (AOSP)
4. Rom OS Version : Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
5. Rom Type : Deodex
6. SDK Version : 23
7. Status : Stable
8. Current Stable Version : Unofficial
9. Supported Language : Multi Language
10. Supported Recovery : Philz Touch, Twrp 3.1.1-0+
11. Stock OS Version : Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
12. Chipset Required : MediaTek – MT6753
13. Kernel Required: Linux 3.18.19+ (Stock Kernel)
14. Bit Version : 64-bit (Arm)
15. Firmware Required : Unlocked Bootloader

Features: FlymeOS 7 ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.18.19


➡ Flyme experience
➡ Flyme camera
➡ Accessibility settings
➡ Removed some chinese contents and replaced by international
➡ Multi Language supported
➡ Flyme Gallery
➡ Smooth UI
➡ Color Engine
➡ Flyme theme
➡ Lots of UX performance optimizations
➡ Materialized Icons
➡ Round Icons
➡ Modified velocitytracker
➡ Fixed memory leaks and overflows
➡ Hack for GSM and LTE signal strength
➡ Key layout for XboxOne/DualShock3/DualShock4 controllers
➡ Compass/Screenshot/Pulse/Reboot/Recovery QS tiles
➡ Ringtone audio focus
➡ Show icon of package associated with toast
➡ Increased available volume steps
➡ Data/WiFi network activity arrows on status bar
➡ Smartbar/Fling/Pulse
➡ One Hand UI mode
➡ ScreenRecord
➡ Clear all FAB for recents
➡ Reset battery stats
➡ Three-Finger-Swipe to screenshot
➡ 3Minit battery mod
➡ BatteryBar
➡ Grid style recents
➡ Membar for recents
➡ Battery info on lockscreen
➡ Dash charging support
➡ CPU info overlay
➡ SQLite optimizations
➡ Disable suggestions
➡ Lockscreen quick unlock
➡ Disable scrolling cache
➡ CPU/RAM info in settings
➡ Full processor version/information in settings
➡ Remove some AOSP apps and replace with better alternatives
➡ Immersive Recents
➡ Lots of other optimizations

What is working ?

➡ Boots
➡ Dual SIM
➡ RIL (Calling/SMS/Data)
➡ Wifi
➡ Bluetooth
➡ Audio
➡ 2G-3G Network Switch
➡ Smooth
➡ Camera
➡ Sensors
➡ Flash
➡ Offline Charging
➡ Microphone
➡ Storage


➡ No


FlymeOS 7 for MT6753 Kernel 3.18.19

How To Port This ROM

To port this ROM to other MT6753 with same kernel 3.18.19, follow this ROM porting guide.

How to Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset MT6735/MT6753/MT6737

Flashing Instructions

1. Copy the ROM in your SD Card as well as patch if available.
2. Reboot Into Recovery using Volume + Power Button.
3. Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data & System
4. Reboot into Recovery Again
5. Flash the ROM & Patch (if available).
6. Flash Gapps if necessary
7. Reboot the device & wait for few minutes
8. Enjoy the new ROM now on you device.

Credits & Download Link

ROM Credit

– NanoMiner
– vleeeeed
– 4PDA
– Flyme 7 China Firmware Developers

Download Link

Download FlymeOS ROM for MT6753 Kernel 3.18.19 from below

Download Gapps 6.0 Pico from below:

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