Guide: How to Fix Fingerprint Bug in Mediatek ROMs

Fix Fingerprint Bug in Mediatek ROMs (Last Updated On: January 6, 2019)

How to Fix Fingerprint Bug in Mediatek ROMs:

This guide is about How to Fix Fingerprint Bug in Mediatek ROMs for chipsets like MT6735, MT6753, MT6737, MT6750, MT6755 and MT6580 as well as other chipsets that may have 32 or 64 bit processors.

This is an ultimate fingerprint fix guide by IRMA NASRE and it works on almost all ROMs even if it doesn’t support fingerprint. But before we get started lets just collect few information about fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor:

There are many companies that sell fingerprint sensors like
1. FPC
2. Silead
3. Goodix

The fingerprint hardware divided in two section
1. From kernel to an fp app
2. From kernel to system


1. You need to know how to fix fingerprint i mean by that that you know boot.img porting and required libs to fix fingerprint
2. Deodexed Rom
3. Dex Manager
4. Winrar


Here are the steps you need to follow to Fix Fingerprint Bug in Mediatek ROMs.

1. Go to system/framework in both stock and port Rom and take framework.jar
2. Open framework.jar using Winrar
3. You will find in framework files named classes.dex it may be more than one take them all
4. Extract thoose classes.dex and place them in dex manager folder
5. Now open dex manager and press decompile
6. You will find a folder in dex manager named Source that’s the one
7. Now search fp files in that folder “Source”
8. Copy fp files from stock to port
9. Now press compile in dex manager and a file named new-classes.dex will appear
10. Rename it to classes.dex or classes2.dex the name depend on the original one
11. Now push that classes.dex to framework.jar
12. Copy your stock fingerprint app to the port rom in system/app
13. Symlink fp libs to system/app/fpappname/lib/arm or arm64
14. If fp files found on lib write arm if lib64 the arm64
15. Now enjoy your working Fp sensor

Note: Most of the time search in “android” and “android/service” and “android/hardware” and “com” thoose folders where it can be found.

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