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use Google Lens on Mi A1
(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

With Awesome feature to recognize and give some useful information about the image, Google Lens is one of the most innovative tech of Google announced during Google I/O 2017.You can get more details or take action on your photo using Google Lens.Good thing is that if you are a rooted user you can use Google Lens on Mi A1.  how? well just follow the below guide to know How to use Google Lens on Mi A1.

[GUIDE] How to use Google lens on Mi A1:-

  1. Download the build.prop editor.
  2. Now open it and add this line anywhere:-
  3. Also, find and change these lines like this:-
    ro.product.model=Pixel 2 XL
    you'll find the ro.product.model twice so change both
  4. Now, Download this Google Lens Installer
  5. Flash it with TWRP Recovery.
  6. Reboot!! and Enjoy!!.

Note:- You will not be able to use voice commands(OK Google) in google assistant after this.

Screenshots :-

How to use Google Lens on Mi A1
Google Lens with Google Assistant
How to use Google Lens on Mi A1
Google Lens in Google Photos


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