How to Port Nougat ROM for MTK Devices MT6572/82/92/80 – Full Guide

Port Nougat ROM for MTK Devices MT6572/82/92/80
(Last Updated On: January 20, 2018)

How to Port Nougat ROM for MTK Devices MT6572/82/92/80

Today I am back with tutorial that many people asked for, i.e How to Port Nougat ROM for MTK Devices MT6572/82/92/80. In this post I will guide you to Port Nougat ROM for Same Chipset i.e MT6580 to MT6580 or MT6592 to MT6592 or MT6582 to MT6582 or MT6572 to MT6572.

WARNING: Do not replace any file unnecessarily, because it may give rise to new bugs in place of solving it. Always be specific!

Steps For Porting:

Simply follow it and port Nougat ROMs for your device. It’s the tested guide.
So let’s start :-

Step 1.

- Make 2 Folders.
- Name one as Base ROM
- Other as Port ROM

Step 2.

- First extract your Port ROM and Base ROM to their respective folder that you made above.

Step 3.

In META-INF Folder (com/google/android/updater-script)
- Edit mount points of "system" and "data". Mount points looks like this "mmcblk0p6".
- Replace the mount point with your device mount points.

Step 4.

In etc folder (system/etc) Replace the following files
- bluetooth (whole folder)
- firmware (whole folder)
- wifi (whole folder) 
- spn-conf
- apns-conf

Step 5.

In lib folder (system/lib) replace these following files
- libaudio.primary.default
- libcam.camadapter
- libcam.exif
- libcam.paramsmgr
- libcamalgo
- libcamdrv
- libcameracustom
- libdpframework
- libfeatureio
- libimageio
- libimageio_plat_drv
- libMali
Inside hw folder
- hwcomposer.mt6592

Step 6.
Unpack/extract boot.img file. You can use boot.img extracter (Download) to extract/unpack/repack bootimg.
To learn how to unpack or repack boot.img file. Use this guide How to unpack & Repack boot.img to port boot.img

Replace this files
- kernel
- unvented.rc
- Camlines(in init.6592.rc in Camera Section)

Step 7.

- Repack your extracted zip of port ROM folder and flash it via custom recovery (TWRP suggested)

After porting ROM you might face certain bugs. So to fix bugs: Follow this guide:

Video Tutorial:

If you are still facing the issue and unable to understand above process then simply follow this video guide.

So this was the proper tutorial guide about How to Port Nougat ROM for MTK Devices MT6572/82/92/80. Hope you liked this. Still if you have the query you can comment below.

20 thoughts on “How to Port Nougat ROM for MTK Devices MT6572/82/92/80 – Full Guide

  1. Is it possible to port mt6582 roms kk to nougat?
    Or nougat to nougat?
    Base rom can be kitkat?
    Or it should be nougat rom.
    Please crear this situation.

  2. I have a serious problem in RR 5.8.5. Flash light and camera do not work. Logcat Saturday something like camera is used by another process. Can you help me? I tried replacing all camera files too, but it didn’t work.

    1. Never mind, just replaced libcameracustom again, and it worked. Thanks for the great port Alex btw. Cheers!

      1. Can you provide me the link of some good nought based rom for mk6582

  3. in the ported rom, the folder “firmware” is placed in “etc”, and the stock is located in the folder “vendor”, is it possible in this case to port the firmware?

  4. hey alex
    i have ported lineage os 14.1 to my gionee e7 mini kitkat kernel 3.4.67 mt6592 but after flashing it is stuck at bootanimation. Please help me to fix this problem.

    1. Thing to notice and follow before porting.
      1. Select the base rom and port rom having same kernel and same chipset. Do not use rom of any other chipset.
      2. Only replace the files mentioned above. do not replace unnecessary files.
      3. Change mount point on updater script by comparing with ur device mount point.
      4. wipe cache, data, dalvik cache and system completely. Reboot into recovery and the begin the rom installation.

  5. “There was a problem communicating with google servers.” error in Play Store . How to fix ?

  6. Bro I flash this rom completely on my Tecno w3 device but after flash I click reboot button my device is not reboot why pls help me what should I do??????

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