How to Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset (MT6735/MT6753/MT6737)

How to Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset (MT6735/MT6753/MT6737)
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2018)

How to Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset (MT6735/MT6753/MT6737)

In this post I will guide you to Port Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset (MT6735/MT6753/MT6737). This means how to port ROM from MT6753 chipset to MT6753 or How to port ROM from MT6735 to MT6735. Just replace these files from stock ROM to Custom ROM to the same location as mentioned here.

WARNING: Do not replace any file unnecessarily, because it may give rise to new bugs in place of solving it. Always be specific!

Follow These Steps:

Files Needed to replace from stock to port: (If some files missing skip them)
Step 1:(system/)

Before you do anything else remove Recovery-from-boot.p

Step 2: MODEM FILES (system/etc/)

MODEM FILES : system/etc/
firmware folder
mddb folder

Step 3: Lib Files (system/lib/)

egl (whole folder)
hw (whole folder)

Step 4: Lib64 Files (system/lib64/)

egl (whole folder)
hw (whole folder)

Step 5: Vendor Files (system/vendor/)

lib (whole folder)
lib64 (whole folder)

Step 6: XBIN Files (system/xbin/)


Step 7: Boot.img
Unpack both stock and port boots from Carliv Image Kitchen Tool
In port boot.img

replace boot.img-kernel

In ramdisk folder replace these files:


Step 8: Edit build.prop

Set compare and replace lcd density (ro.sf.lcd_density=300/anything else)
Enable/Disable Hardware Keys (qemu.hw.mainkeys=0/1)

Step 9: Updater Script

Compare system and data mount points with stock and edit mount points

Your ROM is ready now. So compress the folder and flash the ROM.

FOR CROSSPORT (i.e MT6735 to MT6753 and vice versa)

1. EDIT THESE LINES on build.prop
ro.mediatek.platform=MT6753 to MT6735 or vice versa

2. Whole BIN folder except:

3. Whole LIB and LIB64 folder except:

33 thoughts on “How to Port 32/64 Bit ROM for Same Chipset (MT6735/MT6753/MT6737)

  1. Does it works on MiuiPro lollipop to lollipop with same different chipset?… like mt6797 to mt6753 kernel 3.10.65.. thank

  2. I have mt6737m device and gas marshmellow as stock so can i port nougat rom for my device

  3. my stock rom is 32 bit but I have the same chipset and kernel can I still port

  4. i ported miui for my tab and both are same kernal and mt6735 but while flashing with twrp i get something in zip error

    1. Zip error may be bcoz of multiple reasons. can you send me the logcat so that i can identify what the error is

  5. Bro Some Files are not in My Stock & Port Rom which you mentioned in tutuoria So what to do ?

  6. hello sir i have cm13 custom rom mt6795 65bit install but sound and sim not working

  7. I’m trying to port RR 5.8.5 MT6735 TO MT6735 KERNEL 3.10.65 WHAT ARE THE MINIMAL LIBS SO I CAN START?

      1. the problem is that it causes bootloop I do not boot the ROM that port I do the steps that there is sample

  8. You don’t mention boot.img porting when cross port mt6735 to MT6753. Do we have just to use stock MT6753 boot.img? Thanks

  9. How to add a custom rom in fingerprint security feature
    Bootloop my custom rom

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