PerforLite Speed v3.0 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 (J5 M/F/FN/G/H)

PerforLite Speed v3.0 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5
(Last Updated On: February 15, 2018)


PerforLite Speed v3.0 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 is compiled from the source by Zonik Hello, I will present his work. This ROM is based on official android 6.0.1 for Samsung Galaxy marshmallow J5 with the latest software, made adjustments and thematic things!. Samsung Galaxy J5 has Snapdragon 410 with a chipset of MSM8916. This ROM has no bug at all as it is very smooth and fast with super battery saving feature to extend battery life.


I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

ROM information: PerforLite Speed v3.0 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5

? Base (Performance Boost Speed v10 + Boost Lite Edition v1.5) Base Update
? Full Features Aroma Installer
? Rom fast and battery life 
? Full deodex rom
? Rom Lite
? Disable signature
? Dinamic Blur (Recents/ Panel Edge N7/Power Menu)
? Full S8/S7e/N7 apps
? Full Theme SystemUI S8 Style
? Full Mods (Animation Expanded/3minit battery and more) 
? Quality sound
? Zipalling
? Root
? Dekanoxed
? Support init.D
? Support Data
? Support su
? Custom Kernel Hades
? Speed Boost Project (for performance and battery)
? Now you can put your SD card as internal.

ROM Features:

? Fake 7.0.1 version android
? Animation System S7e Nougat
? Version very Lite
? VolTe for J500F 
? SystemUI S8 Style (With Dual brightness)
? S8 Lockscreen
? All Apps icons S8
? Camera S8 Port added how default camera
? S8 Launcher Modded
? Theme Store S8
? My files S8
? Calculator S8
? Weather S8
? Video Player S8
? S8 audio
? S8 Fonts
? Galaxy Apps S8
? voice record S8
? Browser S8 
? S8 icons Power Menu
? Keyboard S7e Nougat
? WallpaperCropper S7e Nougat
? Smart Manager S7e Nougat
? New Gallery S7e Nougat
? New IncallUI N7
? New Contacts N7
? New Floating SMS N7
? Pack  PerforLiteSound Modded for me 
? Scripts modify for me (For fast and Battery Life rom)
? New UI Theme Aroma installer
? 150 Fonts added for Default
? Dual Setting 
? Quick adjustments 15 select apps
? Tolbox Controller
? Expanded Animation configure

? 3Minit Battery Mod configure 
? App Lock Note 7
? Note 7 Edge Panel
? Advanced Power Menu
? Floating Videos
? Floating Messages
? Turn off camera sound
? Record calls
? Active AntiMalware Enable
? Blur dinamic in Recents/Edge Panel Note 7/Advanced Power Menu
? 3mint Battery mod in SystemUI
? S8 Wallpaper in the System
? Game Tool S7e Nougat
? S8 Launcher Modded
? S7e Nougat Launcher
? Milk music Samsung
? 5 BootAnimations (Joker/N7/S8/S7/WatchDogs)
? 4 Sound Mods (DoblyAtmos/ViperArise/SoundAlive S8/Xtreme Music + ViperArise)

Screenshots & Video Preview

Here are few screenshots of the PerforLite Speed v3.0 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5
PerforLite Speed v3.0 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5

For more info and to learn more about this ROM watch this video.

Flashing Instructions:

Features AROMA Installer
1. Select you Model (4G – 3G )
2. Select CSC ( VolTe for J500f – No VolTe for J500xx)
3. Choose some apps and Features in Aroma installer ( Root / Apps/ SD how internal and other)
4. Select you DPI (280/300/320)

1. To have based 6.0.1
2. Install Recovery with Support Aroma
3. Download the ROM (Fix, etc) and copy it to your sd card.
4. Enter in Recovery and make 5 or 7 wipes (Recommended Full wipes)
5. After follow the instructions of the Aroma Installer
6. Select your phone model, apps, etc.

Download Link

Download the ROM and exposed modules from the link given here and flash using the above flashing instructions.

Download ROM FOR M/F/FN/G/H

Download Xposed Module

ROM Credits

@Zonik for rom
@samsung for Firmware
@corsicanu for awesome Custom Kernel
@Bulgaricus for awesome Custom Kernel
@Chainfire for SuperSU
@osm0sis for busybox
@Albe96 for apps ports grace ux
@me for TWRP 3.1.0-0 6.0.1 Aroma Support
@Leo Motta for help with test and mods
@zhuhang for Viper4Android
@androidexpert35 for awesome mod Xtreme Music
@blackmesa for help panel edge
@@asc1977 for Collection of Guides & Mods & Links for Galaxy S6/S6edge
@ryan42680 for Boot Animations
@wanam for xposed framework
@Abdullah ba’agil for guide Expanded Animation N team para****
@Imply for help in Expanded Animation
@Community indonesia facebook group for guide mods
@rezza99 for help mods
@ashyx for [PATCH]**Adoptable storage enabler** MARSHMALLOW

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