[Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]

[Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2018)


The latest Oreo 8.1 ROM Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 is smooth and fully bugless. Validus Oreo 8.1.0 supports all the Samsung Galaxy J5 Series Phone like SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y. Finally developers succeed in building Oreo ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5. This ROM offers variety of customization features making the phone so beautiful and smooth. The download link is given below.

From Ground Zero Validus OS team

A community built upon the willingness to learn, create and socialize on Android. Creators of Validus, a custom AOSP/CAF ROM with many features created in house as well as pulled from LineageOs, SlimROMs, … and others. Members are also dev/maintainers for other popular ROMs. Enjoy your stay!

Also, unofficial builds from source will not be supported. You assume all responsibility for anything that may happen and Team GzR cannot and will not be held responsible for anything that may happen to your device as a result of flashing a rom.

ROM Information

1. ROM Name : Validus OS
2. ROM Version : Validus OS Oreo 8.1
3. ROM Base : AOSP
4. Bootloader : Should be Unlocked
5. ROM OS : Android Oreo 8.1
6. Support Language : Multiple
7. Required Device : Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y
8. Required Kernel : 3.10.x
9. ROM Firmware Required : Lollipop 5.1

ROM Features: [Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5


➡  Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
➡  Double tap to sleep on statusbar
➡  Quick settings pull down with one finger
➡  use volume keys to control media volume anytime
➡  Volume rocker music control
➡  Launch music player on headset connect
➡  doubletap or longpress to toggle flashlight
➡  Allow to disable qs footer warning
➡  QS: Custom small tiles
➡  QS: HeadsUp tile
➡  QS: panel columns and rows
➡  QS: tiles titles visibility
➡  QS: NFC tile
➡  QS: Sound tile
➡  QS: Caffeine tile
➡  QS: PiP tile
➡  QS: Sync tile
➡  QS: Ambient-LiftToWake tile
➡  QS: partial/full screenshot tile
➡  QS: Volume panel tile
➡  QS: Screenrecord tile
➡  QS: ExpandedDesktop tile
➡  QS: Smart pixels tile
➡  QS: Always on Display tile
➡  QS: Music tile
➡  Network traffic
➡  Wake on plug
➡  Vibrate on plug
➡  AppOps
➡  Power menu
➡  show battery info on lockscreen when charging
➡  HeadsUp
➡  Gesture anywhere
➡  Battery light
➡  Notification light
➡  Night light brightness mode options
➡  Link ring and notification volume
➡  Slim recents
➡  Immersive recents (aosp recents)
➡  Recents clear all button tweak (aosp recents)
➡  Stock Recents icon packs support
➡  increasing ring feature
➡  Screen record
➡  Live volume steps
➡  Status bar notification ticker
➡  Statusbar logo
➡  Custom system animation
➡  DUI smartbar/fling
➡  Dialer auto proximity speakerphone
➡  BatteryBar
➡  Volume key answer
➡  Allow to disable HOME key when ringing
➡  Dark UI theme
➡  Dialer: auto proximity speakerphone
➡  Wakelock blocker
➡  Alarms blocker
➡  Reset battery stats
➡  Clock customizations
➡  lockscreen: option to pass swipe-up-to-unlock
➡  Hardware key settings on supported devices
➡  Stuff
➡  Less notification sounds
➡  USB mode dialog enabled/disabled
➡  Screen off animation
➡  Ambient display music ticker
➡  Battery styles
➡  Statusbar brightness control
➡  Smart pixels
➡  Expanded Desktop

What is Working

➡ Boots
➡ RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
➡ Fingerprint
➡ IR Blaster
➡ Wi-Fi
➡ Bluetooth
➡ Camera
➡ Camcorder
➡ Video Playback
➡ Audio
➡ Sensors
➡ Flash
➡ Volte


➡ No


[Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]

[Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]

[Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]

[Oreo 8.1] Validus ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500H/F/FN/G/M/Y]

Flashing Instructions:

1. Download the ROM and copy it on your SD Card
2. Reboot the device into Recovery mode. (Backup the current ROM if necessary)
3. Select wipe and choose cache, dalvik cache, system etc. and proceed.
4. Reboot your phone into recovery mode again.
5. Flash the ROM from your SD Card.
6. Flash the patch (if available).
7. Flash the Gapps
8. Reboot your device again and wait for 5 or 10 minutes or even bit longer
7. Enjoy Now !

ROM Credit & Download Link:

ROM Credit:

1. @Dyneteve, @vince2678, @minz1 and of course all other Galaxy-MSM8916 devs and contributors
2. the Ground Zero Roms team
3. the xda community
4. and many, many thanks to @tioguda

Download Link:

1. SM-J500H
Download j53gxx (rom)
Download j53gxx (md5sum)

2. SM-J5008
Download j5ltechn (rom)
Download j5ltechn (md5sum)

3. SM-J500F/G/M/NO/Y
Download j5lte (rom)
Download j5lte (md5sum)

4. SM-J500FN
Download j5nlte (rom)
Download j5nlte (md5sum)

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