Galaxy Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500F/FN/H/M/G/Y

Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5
(Last Updated On: April 15, 2018)


The latest Nougat 7.1.1 ROM Galaxy Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5 is smooth and fully bugless. Galaxy Note 8 ROM supports all the Samsung Galaxy J5 Series Phone like SM-J500F/FN/H/M/G/Y. It’s actually a unique, powerful, plus-sized Custom ROMthat brings a number of fantastic features to the mobile phone. This ROM offers variety of customization features making the phone so beautiful and smooth. The download link is given below.

About Galaxy Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5

The Note 8 ROM comes with Android 7.1.1 “Nougat” with Samsung’s own custom user interface pre-installed. The S Pen offers expanded software features, including “Live Message” for the creation of handwritten notes combined with emojis resulting in short animated GIFs. Users can remove the S Pen from the device and immediately write notes on the display through “Screen Off Memo”, which works due to the screen’s always-on capabilities. The screen can collect up to 100 notes and allows the user to easily go back to notes pinned directly on the always-on screen.

A “Translate” feature now recognizes punctuation marks, letting users highlight entire sentences rather than single words, and supports 71 different languages. The edges of the screen on the Note 8 allow the user to open two apps at once in a multi-window view, dubbed “App Pair”. In the Camera application, a new “Live Focus” effect lets users adjust the intensity of background blur both before and after capturing photos, while “Dual Capture” makes both rear cameras take individual photos of the same subject, with one acting as a close-up shot and the other from a distance capturing the whole scene

ROM Information

1. ROM Name : Note 8
2. ROM Version : v1
3. ROM Base : Samsung Galaxy Note 8
4. Bootloader : Should be Unlocked
5. ROM OS : Android Oreo 7.1
6. Support Language : Multiple
7. Required Device : Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500F/M/G/Y/FM/8/H
8. Required Kernel : 3.10.x
9. ROM Firmware Required : Lollipop 5.1

[Oreo 8.1] Lineage OS 15.1 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5


➡ Android 7.1.1 Nougat
➡ Based on Note8 N950FXXU1BQK6 firmware
➡ November security patch (11.01.17)
➡ Note8 frameworks & apps ported
➡ Fast & Stable
➡ Prerooted with Magisk, Busybox'd
➡ Heavy Debloated
➡ DeKnoxed
➡ Powered with Quasar Kernel v1

What is Working

➡ Camera..
➡ IR Blaster..
➡ Gcam..
➡ Slow motion..
➡ IR Blaster..
➡ Wi-Fi..
➡ Fingerprint..
➡ RIL..
➡ Bluetooth..
➡ Camera..
➡ Slow motion..
➡ Camcorder..
➡ Boots..
➡ Video Playback..
➡ Gcam..
➡ Audio..
➡ Volte..
➡ ALL Sensors..
➡ Bluetooth..
➡ Flash LIGHT
➡ GPS..
➡ Volte..


➡ No


Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5

Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5

Note 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy J5

Flashing Instructions:

1. Download the ROM and copy it on your SD Card
2. Reboot the device into Recovery mode. (Backup the current ROM if necessary)
3. Select wipe and choose cache, dalvik cache, system etc. and proceed.
4. Reboot your phone into recovery mode again.
5. Flash the ROM from your SD Card.
6. Flash the patch (if available).
7. Flash the Gapps
8. Reboot your device again and wait for 5 or 10 minutes or even bit longer
7. Enjoy Now !

ROM Credit & Download Link:

ROM Credit:

1. BlackMesa123
2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Team
3. J5 Team

Source Code:

Download Link:

Download Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ROM for j5

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