[MT6580] Apple IOS 10 Custom ROM for MTK6580 Kernel 3.18.19 MM 6.0.1

IOS 10 Custom ROM for MTK6580
(Last Updated On: April 8, 2018)

Apple IOS 10 Custom ROM for MTK6580

Hello Guys we are again back with this awesome Custom ROM. This time its Apple IOS 10 Custom ROM for MTK6580 devices. So if you want this ROM to be installed on your MTK6580 devices then download this ROM from the link below.



-Device Named As iPhone 7S
- Smooth As Original iOS10
- App Icons Are Of iOS10.
- IPhone 6s Plus Boot Logo and Animation Added.
- RAM FREE Upto 600 Mb
- User and SIM Toolkit Settings> Added to the General Settings.
- Included iOS 10 Apps Like Calendar, Settings, Reminder,etc. 
- Default (Opening) Wallpaper 10 is of iOS.
- Tweaked As Hell.
- Fully Deodexed
- Recent Applications like iOS9 is in the Middle Keys.
- Removed unnecessary Bloatware.
- IOS Settings Fixed. Icons Changed.
- Blur in the Status Bar Fixed.
- Added Sony Weather app. (You'll like it.)
- Control Center (OneControl Application) Added.
- Latest Version Of Google Apps Added.
- And Many More......... 

What is working ?

➡ Boots
➡ Dual SIM
➡ RIL (Calling/SMS/Data)
➡ Wifi
➡ Bluetooth
➡ Audio
➡ 2G-3G Network Switch
➡ Smooth
➡ Camera
➡ Sensors
➡ Flash
➡ Offline Charging
➡ Microphone
➡ Storage


➡ Single Sim

ROM Review Video

Here is a short video tutorial about Apple IOS 10 Custom ROM for MTK6580. You can watch this over here. THe features of this ROM is exactly like that of Apple IOS 10. So be ready to feel IOS on your Android phone.

How to Port IOS 10 for other MT6580

If you want to port this ROM to your device follow this video tutorial:

The written guide for porting is given here. You can follow this official guide as well
Nougat ROM Porting Guide for Mediatek Chipset

Download Link

Download this Custom ROM from google drive by clicking the link given below

DOWNLOAD IOS 10 Custom Rom for MTK6580

26 thoughts on “[MT6580] Apple IOS 10 Custom ROM for MTK6580 Kernel 3.18.19 MM 6.0.1

  1. Dear sir,
    i have to port & install ios 10 custom rom in my symphony i20 mtk6580,
    But i have some problem is sound is not working and sim is no service.
    So how to fix it please help me.

  2. bro my phone is mtk6580 carnel 3.18.19+ so can I install this rom in my phone??? ios 10 rom ???

  3. Sir I have flashed it in my gionee p5w. When I turned data on it automatically turn off immediately after turning on.

      1. Sir I have watched that post but I am not able to understand that which bug I have to select.

  4. It worked for me
    Only one thing
    There is no screen shoot
    I ported it to my phone
    Itried adding navbar
    But it just screws the screen

    Goodthing there is assistive touch

  5. My device is Tecno w3 after flash this rom my phone is not boot how to fix pls help me bro..

  6. Dear Sir,
    My Device name symphony i50. I want to install this ROM . this device is mtk 6580 and kernel 3.18.19
    Can I install this ROM in my device ..

  7. dear sir…can i install this rom on mu tecno l8 hios mt6580 kernel 3.10.72+ ?

      1. hello sir..any custom rom for my tecno l8 hios mt 6580 kernel 3.10.72+

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