[MT6580] Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72 Nougat 7.1.2

Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2018)


We are happy to present you Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72. This ROM is Nougat 7.1.2 based and can be said as latest or new ROM for MT6580. The ROM runs on 3.10.72 Kernel & any device with same chipset and kernel can port this ROM to their device with porting guide given below The ROM has very beautiful UI and is AOSP based, with excellent features makes the ROM unique from all other ROM. This rom can be directly flashed via TWRP. The Download link & the official ROM developers name & credit are given below.

ROM Features: Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72

Heavily modified framework from deep-inside, espically native UI (which is the ROM’s unique)


1. System extensions: ➡ App side bar ➡ App circle bar ➡ Pie Control ➡ System App Remover

2. Statusbar: ➡ Superuser indicator on/off ➡ Show 4G instead of LTE ➡ Battery bar ➡ Traffic indicators ➡ Carrier label ➡ Ticker ➡ Hexagon logo

Notification Drawer: ➡ Custom header image ➡ Header provider ➡ Header image pack ➡ Header image shadow ➡ Running shortcut ➡ Running services icon ➡ Edit icon

Blur UI: ➡ Blur statusbar background ➡ Blur scale ➡ Blur radius ➡ Translucent expanded statusbar ➡ Translucent level ➡ Blur recents background ➡ Colors

Advanced: ➡ Show settings ➡ Shutdown confirmation dialog ➡ Launch music app ➡ Camera shutter sound ➡ Disable immersive mode messages ➡ Disable FC notifications ➡ Swipe to screenshot ➡ Screenshot sound ➡ Screenshot type ➡ Screenshot delay ➡ Device hostname ➡ Scrolling cache ➡ Lockclock settings

Lock Screen: ➡ Colors ➡ Torch on power button longpress ➡ Double-tap-to-sleep ➡ Power Menu ➡ Quick settings disable on lock screen ➡ Hide statusbar ➡ Show alarms text ➡ Show clock, date and AM/PM ➡ Batery infor ➡ Colors ➡ Recents panel: ➡ Show memory bar ➡ Immersive recents ➡ Hidden apps ➡ OmniSwitch recents ➡ Slimrecents ➡ Hexagon recents

Display and Animations: ➡ Power menu animations styles ➡ Quick settings animations styles ➡ Toast animations styles ➡ Animations duration ➡ Animation interpolator ➡ Toast icon ➡ Toast icon colors

Quick settings: ➡ Tiles customs ➡ Smalls tiles ➡ Rows portrait and landscape ➡ Columns portraits and landscape

Transparency: ➡ Volume dialog ➡ Power menu ➡ QS shade opacity ➡ QS shade stroke ➡ Headsup notifications: ➡ Enable headsup notifications ➡ Time out ➡ Snooze timer

What’s Working:(Tested)-

➡ Audio
➡ Call
➡ Wifi
➡ Bluetooth
➡ Audio
➡ MiraVision
➡ Music Player


➡ Camera


Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72

Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72

Credits & Download Link

ROM Credit
1. The Hexagon Team
2. Pedro P DarKKiller
3. TribetMen
4. Aditya Kr
5. Fire855
6. Ateeq Ur Rehman
7. Samiul Islam Shawon
8. vgdn1942

ROM Download Link

Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72

Bluetooth Patch
Gapps Pico 7.1

How to Port Hexagon OS ROM for other MT6580

If you want to port this ROM to your device follow this video tutorial:

The written guide for porting is given here. You can follow this official guide as well
Nougat ROM Porting Guide for Mediatek Chipset

Flashing Instructions

1. Download the ROM and copy it on your SD Card
2. Reboot the device into Recovery mode. (Backup the current ROM if necessary)
3. Select wipe and choose cache, dalvik cache, system etc. and proceed.
4. Reboot your phone into recovery mode again.
5. Flash the ROM from your SD Card.
6. Flash the patch (if available).
7. Flash the Gapps
8. Reboot your device again and wait for 5 or 10 minutes or even bit longer
7. Enjoy Now !

2 thoughts on “[MT6580] Hexagon OS v2.6 ROM for MT6580 Kernel 3.10.72 Nougat 7.1.2

  1. No rom anymore for mt6592 kk or Lp ? Crdroid or something new would be great

    1. Everyone has bought new devices, thats the reason why development of MT6592 has gone down. But wait for few weeks we are bringing new ROMs for MT6592

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