Fix Can’t Connect Camera/Green Camera in MT6572/80/82/92 ROMS

Fix Can't Connect Camera/Green Camera
(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)


So in this post we will learn Fix Can’t Connect Camera/Green Camera. You might be browsing all the day on Internet How to fix “Can’t Connect Camera” or How to fix “Green Camera”. Sometimes even your “flashlight is not working” or in most of the cases “Camera is force closed” or some other error might be occurring that is not letting you to use the Camera of your device.

Fix Can't Connect Camera/Green Camera

So you are at right place. I have ported/compiled more than 50 ROMs and from my experience i got to know about all these issue as well as solutions. So i will discuss here all the fixes method. Remember this method only works in the case of MT6580, MT6572, MT6582 & MT6592 ROMs. This method hasn’t been tested on other Chipsets apart from mentioned above.

Things to Consider before Fixing Bugs

1. You need to replace some files from the custom ROM that you are going to flash.
2. Take any other working ROM as a base ROM for replacing files. Do not take ROMS which already has a bug.
3. Your ROM (i.e Port ROM that you are going to flash) and the base ROM, both should have same Kernel. I repeat same Kernel.
4. Please do not replace any other files which is not mentioned below. This may result in giving new bugs instead of solving.

How to Fix Can’t Connect Camera/Green Camera

From the lib folder of your ROM, you need to replace the following files mentioned below:


If this bug is still not fixed then unpack the boot.img file and replace some camera lines from init.mt65xx files by comparing with base boot.img.

How to fix Camera is force Closed

After replacing all above files, if you are facing Camera is force closed then do this. Download an app called “Camera Restarter” from playstore. You can download it from here: Download: Camera Restarter.

Install this app and grant permission. It will fix the issue.

Using 3rd Party Camera App

If all of the above method fails, then you can try some 3rd party camera apps. Some of the Camera apps are:
1. Google Camera : Download

2. Camaringo : Download
3. Bacon Camera : Download

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