[Oreo 8.1] crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1 [Riva] [VoLTE]

crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)


The latest custom ROM, i.e. crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1 is smooth and fully bugless. crDroid v4.2 supports Redmi 5A with official codename RIVA with official nougat stock ROM. Finally developers succeed in building Oreo ROM for Redmi 5A. This ROM offers variety of customization features making the phone so beautiful and smooth. The download link is given below.

What is crDroid v4.2

crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We’re mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them!

ROM Information

1. ROM Name : crDroid
2. ROM Version : v4.2
3. ROM Base : Lineage OS
4. Bootloader : Should be Unlocked
5. ROM OS : Android Oreo 8.1
6. Support Language : Multiple
7. Required Device : Redmi 5A (RIVA)
8. Required Kernel : 3.18.31
9. ROM Firmware Required : Nougat 7.1.2

Features: crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1


1. General ➡ Android 8.1.0_r26 ➡ Pixel look and feel ➡ crDroid Music - Music player based on Phonograph ➡ crDroid File Manager - File manager based on Amaze File manager ➡ crDroid Home - Revamped and customized launcher with Google now integration ➡ crDroid Settings - Our own chamber of secrets with below customization settings ➡ OTA notification for officially supported devices

2. ART and BIONIC optimizations ➡ Status Bar ➡ Status Bar icons toggle (including NFC and Roaming icon toggles) ➡ Clock & date customizations ➡ Carrier label customizations ➡ Network Traffic customizations ➡ Customization for weather info in statusbar ➡ Data activity toggles ➡ Battery image and percentage toggle ➡ BT battery toggle ➡ Battery Bar customizations ➡ Custom logo customizations ➡ Tap to sleep toggle ➡ Brightness gesture control ➡ Quick Pulldown customizations ➡ Smart Pulldown customizations ➡ Ticker customizations

3. Quick Settings ➡ Custom header customizations ➡ BT battery toggle ➡ Weather tile customizations ➡ Quick scroller for small QS tiles ➡ Rows/columns configuration ➡ Brightness slider configuration ➡ Vibrate on touch toggle ➡ Additional tiles: Sync, Caffeine, Ambient notifications, Always On display, Sound, Volume, Compass, USB Tethering, Music, Expanded Desktop, PIP, Weather, Reboot/Recovery/Power Off, HW keys

4. Lock Screen ➡ Customization for weather on lockscreen ➡ Visualization toggle ➡ Media cover art toggle ➡ Battery info toggle ➡ Face auto unlock for recognized trusted faces ➡ Tap to sleep toggle ➡ Notifications customizations ➡ Toggle to access power menu and quick settings on secured lock screen ➡ Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle

5. Recents Screen ➡ Icon pack support ➡ Immersive recents toggle ➡ Memory bar toggle ➡ Clear All FAB button customizations ➡ Misc buttons toggle ➡ Deep clear ➡ Slim recents customizations

6. Navigation ➡ Navigation bar toggle ➡ Stock navbar customizations ➡ DUI Smartbar customizations ➡ DUI Fling customizations ➡ Navbar height customizations ➡ Dynamic Navbar toggle ➡ Pulse customizations - Music visualization for smart bar

7. Buttons ➡ Disable navigation HW keys ➡ Backlight toggle and timeout settings ➡ Accidental touch prevention for navigation HW keys ➡ HW button mapping ➡ Advanced reboot toggle ➡ Power menu customizations ➡ End call with power button ➡ Long press power button for torch ➡ Kill app with back button ➡ Wake device with HW non-capacitive button ➡ Control playback with volume buttons ➡ Keyboard cursor control with volume buttons ➡ Swap volume keys on orientation change ➡ Additional button settings for device specific customization

8. User Interface ➡ Ambient display customizations ➡ Ambient music ticker customizations ➡ Color styles - switching between light dark and accent themes ➡ Font customizations ➡ Expanded Desktop customizations ➡ Gesture settings ➡ Swipe notifications with back-mounted FP sensor ➡ Screen off animations ➡ Custom animations for system, toast, QS tiles, list view ➡ Android P animation toggle ➡ Toggle to disable animations ➡ Scrolling cache toggle

9. Notifications ➡ Power notification controls ➡ Force expanded notifications toggle ➡ LED customizations for notifications and battery

10. Sound ➡ Suppress notification sound when no media is playing and/or screen is on ➡ Screenshot sound toggle ➡ Live volume steps customization

11. Misc ➡ Ad Away ➡ Pocket detection - prevents device interaction when inside pocket ➡ Suspend actions ➡ Wakelock blocker ➡ Alarm blocker ➡ Show CPU info overlay ➡ Media Scanner boot behavior customization ➡ Auto USB mode chooser customization ➡ Three finger swipe for screenshot toggle ➡ Partial screenshot via volume key toggle ➡ Toast icon toggle

12. LineageOS Additional Features ➡ Burnt-in protection ➡ Livedisplay support ➡ Privacy guard with native superuser ➡ Increasing ringtone feature ➡ Unlinked notification sound ➡ Per app data / wifi toggle

What is Working

➡ Boots
➡ RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
➡ Fingerprint
➡ IR Blaster
➡ Wi-Fi
➡ Bluetooth
➡ Camera
➡ Camcorder
➡ Video Playback
➡ Audio
➡ Sensors
➡ Flash
➡ Volte


➡ GPS Always On in Status Bar[Reboot Device To Solve]


crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1

crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1

Flashing Instructions:

1. Download the ROM and copy it on your SD Card
2. Reboot the device into Recovery mode. (Backup the current ROM if necessary)
3. Select wipe and choose cache, dalvik cache, system etc. and proceed.
4. Reboot your phone into recovery mode again.
5. Flash the ROM from your SD Card.
6. Flash the patch (if available).
7. Flash the Gapps
8. Reboot your device again and wait for 5 or 10 minutes or even bit longer
7. Enjoy Now !

ROM Credit & Download Link:

ROM Credit:

– ChalapathiRevanth
– @33bca
– @haran2003
– Raj Kiran
– Google
– LineageOS
– SlimRoms
– AOSPA (Paranoid Android)
– OmniRom
– NamelessROM

Download Link:

Download crDroid v4.2 ROM for Redmi 5A Oreo 8.1

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