MT6592 Custom ROMS : The MT6592 is a heterogeneous computing SOC which comes with scalable multi-core processing for advanced multi-tasking. The MT6592 chipset is built on the 28nm HPM (high-performance process) and includes eight CPU cores, each capable of clock speeds up to 2GHz. MediaTek says the MT6592 chipset can run both low-power consuming and more demanding tasks equally well, by attaching the full capabilities of all eight-cores in any combination. Further, the new chipset comes with an advanced scheduling algorithm that monitors the temperature and power consumption to ensure optimal performance of the smartphone at all times

The MT6592 features an advanced video playback system supporting Ultra HD 4Kx2K H.264 video playback, and support for new video codecs such as H.265 and VP9. It also supports a 16-megapixel camera and a full-HD display. Some of the other new additions in the MT6592 include full connectivity capability for dual-band 801.11n Wi-Fi, Miracast screen-sharing as well as Bluetooth, GPS and an FM tuner.

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