[Oreo 8.1.0] AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1 [OMS/DUI]

AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1
(Last Updated On: March 27, 2018)


AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1 is compiled from the source by Harvey Spectar a senior member of xda developer. All the major bugs has been fixed and the ROM is totally bugless. The camera and VoLTE bugs which were earlier a headache for developer has been successfully fixed.

The ROM is Oreo based with Android Oreo version of Oreo 81.0. Thus we are here proudly presenting you AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1 [OMS/DUI].

From AEX Aosp Extended Team

AOSP Extended is an AOSP based rom which provides stock UI/UX with various customisations features along with the Substratum theme engine. The project has been made by cherry-picking various commits from various other projects. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box. We will constantly try to add more features and make it even better in future updates. A ROM by a user, for a user.


Features: AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1

ExtendYourDevice Here are the Extensions! on top of AOSP! We are constantly trying to update the list. Our aim is not to provide all the features available on earth. We are not thinking of cherry-picking every feature out there. Our aim is to add important features that we think should be here and also what you think. For addition of more tweaks or features, head on to our G+ community and post the list of features that you want! Features with commits will be more helpful!

ROM Features

➡ DUI(Fling/Pulse/Smartbar)
➡ Substratum Theme Engine
➡ Omni's QSHeaders Background
➡ One Handed UI
➡ MicroG
➡ Grid Recents UI
➡ AppOps
➡ Expanded Desktop
➡ Statusbar Clock/Date Customizations
➡ Dashboard Suggestions/Summaries (Enable/Disable)
➡ Notification Intervals
➡ Increasing Volume in Ringtone
➡ D2S On Navbar
➡ Long Press Back button  to Kill App
➡ Dashboard Column Configurations
➡ Detailed Location QS Tile!
➡ Statusbar Traffic Indicators
➡ Notification Count
➡ DT2S On Statusbar
➡ QS Quick Pulldown
➡ QS Brightness Slider (Enable/Disable)
➡ QS Tiles Animations
➡ Force Expand Notifications (Enable/Disable)
➡ Immersive Mode messages (Enable/Disable)
➡ Flashlight Notifications
➡ Immersive Recents
➡ Toast Icon
➡ MediaScanner Behaviour On Boot
➡ Power Menu Customizations
➡ Additional Battery Saver steps
➡ Volume Rocker Tweaks (Wake/Music seek/Keyboard cursor control/Swap in landscape mode)
➡ Add Gestures Back to Settings App
➡ QS Haptic Feedback
➡ One Tap Data & Wifi Tile
➡ Auto Brightness Icon Toggle
➡ Breathing Notifications
➡ Clickable Clock and Date in Statusbar Header
➡ Long Press Gear Icon in Statusbar Header Launches Extensions
➡ Show 4G instead LTE switch
➡ Night Mode QS Tile
➡ Long press Caffeine Tile Action
➡ Customize QS Rows/Columns
➡ Customize small QS Tiles
➡ StatusBar Brightness Control
➡ Lockscreen Shortcut
➡ Double Tap on Lockscreen to Sleep
➡ Quick Unlock for PIN/Password
➡ Battery Styles and Percentage
➡ FMRadio
➡ Navbar QS Tile
➡ Flip Button Animation
➡ Unlink Notification Volume
➡ Status bar Clock Seconds
➡ Partial Screenshot Type
➡ Screenshot Delay

➡ VIA Browser
➡ Retro Music Player
➡ Pixel's UI (Navbar/Accent/Pixellauncher)
➡ Camera Sound Toggle
➡ Advance Ambient Display
➡ Longpress Power Button on Lockscreen for Torch
➡ Disable FC
➡ Wakelock Blocker
➡ Toggle Lockscreen Media Art
➡ Toggle Lockscreen Music Visualizer
➡ Ticker
➡ Bluetooth QS Tile Easy Toggle
➡ Disable QS on Lockscreen
➡ Invert Ambient Display's Color
➡ Toggle Dynamic Notification Card's Color
➡ Low Battery Notification Toggle
➡ Hide Clock/Date/Alarm Text from Lockscreen
➡ Lockscreen Clock's Font Customizations
➡ Weather on Lockscreen
➡ AEXPapers
➡ Heads up Customizations
➡ DU's HW Button Rebinding
➡ Button Backlight Customizations
➡ Recents Clear All FAB button and Re-positioning
➡ Recents Free Ram bar
➡ Custom Carrier label
➡ Dynamic Navbar
➡ Paranoid Android PIE Controls
➡ Pocket Lock & Pocket Judge (Accidental Touch)
➡ Toggle power menu on Lockscreen
➡ Grid Recents
➡ CPU info switch
➡ Disable orange color in battery saver mode
➡ PiP QS tile
➡ New pretty adaptive icons for included AOSP apps
➡ Toggle Always On display
➡ Run SysUI tuner from Extensions
➡ Built in DarkUI with multiple accents


➡ Merged March Security Patch(8.1.0_r15)
➡ Added left clock position, dropped center clock
➡ Smart notification fixes
➡ Merged OMS exposure commits
➡ Added Pixel 2 XL Ringtones,Alarms
➡ Added Scramble PIN layout option
➡ Added Quick unlock
➡ Added increasing ring volume feature
➡ Configurable rotation degrees 0, 90, 180 & 270
➡ H/W nav button toggle QS tile
➡ Toggle for data saver status bar icon
➡ Added Key-guard, Status bar weather (Omnijaws)
➡ Added status bar date position
➡ Added status bar battery styles
➡ Navigation bar QS tile
➡ Google sound search QS tile
➡ Added battery level to ambient display
➡ Toggle pattern error visibility
➡ Toggle pattern dots visibility
➡ Toggle swipe-up to unlock
➡ Added 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 ,6x6 pattern grid size
➡ Toggle data disabled cross
➡ Kill app button in notification guts
➡ Add support for Turbo charger info on lock screen
➡ Option to switch between Fade/Scroll ticker animation
➡ Improvements in Slim recent
➡ Option to toggle various stuffs, set grid size etc in Launcher 3
➡ Fixed local terminal not showing up
➡ Inbuilt system app remover
➡ Merged various other patches
➡ Imported translations from crowdin


➡ Some common minor Oreo Bugs


AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1

AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1

AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1

AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1

Flashing Instructions:

1. First remove any kind of security/ screen locks/ fingerprints & set the lock screen lock to none.
2. Flash latest Stock Oreo build, along with it’s firmware.
3. Download latest build & gapps.
4. Boot into latest TWRP.
5. Wipe system, cache & data.
6. Flash the ROM & twrp installer.
7. Reboot back to recovery & flash gapps & Magisk.
8. Reboot device & enjoy.
9. Only if you face encryption issue, then flash stock Nougat’s userdata.img through fastboot. Now the ROM should boot without any problem

If you haven’t instlled TWRP recovery on your Mi A1 you can follow this guide from us : How to install TWRP Recovery on Mi A1.

After this you can flash AEX Aosp Extended v5.3 Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1 on your device.

Update Instructions:

1. Download latest build & Gapps.
2. Boot into latest TWRP.
3. Wipe system, cache
4. Flash the ROM & TWRP installer.
5. Reboot back to recovery & flash Gapps & Magisk.
6. Reboot device & enjoy the AEX ROM

Download Links:

Download the required files from these links below as flash via above instructions:

Download AEX ROM

Download Gapps 8.1 Pico

Download Magisk

ROM Credits:

1. @ishubhamsingh(Owner/Dev/Designer)
2. JDC Team
3. DirtyUnicorns
4. LineageOS/Cyanogenmod
5. TeamSubstratum
6. Nitrogen Project
7. Pure Nexus
8. OmniROM
11. GZR Community
12. Lakor Tools for Via Browser
13. Hemanth S Tobi for Retro Music Player
14. @AlienCreature7 and @Wizper99 (For designing the ROM Logo, Fling etc)
15. @abhishek987
16. @deadman96385
17. @ghpranav
18. @mohancm
19. And everyone who contributed to tissot’s development

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